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Corporate culture 


We are people-orientated, create good working environment for our employees, provide them with welfare, build career development program for them and make full use of their strengths and specialities.

Our staff and our company have integrity, keep promise, take a honest expression and dare to correct mistakes. They do be trustworthy.

Continuous improvement and innovation, courage to use new thinking, continuous learning, break with tradition and pursuit of excellence, which are the most important keys to the company's growth and development.

Social responsibility

As a corporate citizen with positive and optimistic attitude, the sense of social responsibility is not only Mecano’sfoundation, but also Mecano’s survival guide. Mecano has always been taking actions with its strongest sense of social responsibility. 

Mecano integrates social responsibility into every detail of business operations, serves customers sincerely and promotes the sound development of industry and makes bearing corporate Social responsibility popular. Meanwhile, Mecano has been trying its best to repay society, promote harmonious, prosperous and stable development of society. From date of establishment to now, Mecano has been taking practical action to demonstrate that to bear social responsibility is one of crucial missions of the company. Mecano, having a high sense of responsibility, is doing its best to repay society and show Mecano’s understanding of social responsibility.

In 2007, Mecano donated money to Beijing Guangai School to help children without relatives grow happily and receive formal education, so that they would become talents of our country in the future.

In 2008, Mecano donated money to people in Wenchuan earthquake disaster area. Besides, our company greatly encouraged staff to donate to people in disaster areas.

In 2009, Mecano donated money to the Hope Project to give its support to children education in remote and poor areas and help Children return to school, hoping each child could have a good childhood under humanity care.

In 2010, Mecano donated money to people in Yushu disaster area and made our contribution to earthquake relief and post disaster reconstruction. In addition, Mecano donated money to Runtu mutual aid group of Yunnan Youth Development Foundation to assist people in severe drought areas, so that they could have access to clean water as soon as possible.

In 2013, Mecano team came to Wusongjiang school in Kunshan high-tech area in Jiangsu Province. Showing its loving hearts, we brought not only grants, articles for daily use and school supplies to children, but also warmth of spring to poor pupils.

In 2015, Mecano took part in the activity “I want to go to school” held by Music Radio in 2015 Each impoverished child, involved in this activity, would get grant of 1.200 RMB for education. Left behind children in poor areas are given financial support for their learning and life. Therefore, Children could receive good education and grow up healthily.

Staff growth

To pay employees remuneration is to recognize individual efforts, to stimulate the generation of new ideas and encourage excellent performance and cooperation of team. All of these factors are reflected in the overall remuneration of employees.

Overall remuneration  

Salary plan, welfare plan and high quality work / life plan are included. These plans conta

 ·Salary increase - salary increase depends on individual performance;

 ·Incentive bonus - reward for contribution of individual and team;

 ·Continuing education funding - financial assistance for continuing learning and studies;

 ·Paid leave and holidays - paid annual leave, paid marriage leave, paid maternity leave etc;

 ·Social security tax - economic security after retirement;

 ·Medical insurance - caring for health;

 ·Life and accidental death insurance-financial security for beneficiary;