Electrotechnical Components

Electrotechnical Components

PTR is one of Mecano Phoenix Group’s brands. PTR Messtechnik GmbH manufactures high-precision test probes and terminal blocks for printed circuit-board assemblies. Combining innovative design and good quality, PTR continues to extend its range of products. Besides, it has taken up a substantial market share and been well-known in electronic components industry at home and abroad.

PTR’s product range comprises terminal blocks / multi connector systems, integrated connection technology, test probes and interface pin blocks.


HARTMANN is one of Mecano Phoenix Group’s brands. Over many years, HARTMANN Codier GmbH has developed and manufactured various electronic components and  accumulated rich experience, which lays solid foundation for providing innovative high-tech products and services. Owing to advanced production technology and high quality products, PTR makes its name well-known in the fields of electronic components and electrical technology. PTR’s customers, including large manufacturing companies, stretch in professional fields far and wide across the globe.

HARTMANN products completely comply with RoHS/WEEE international environmental standards. And six kinds of toxic heavy metal and substances, containing prohibited quantities of six kinds of toxic heavy metal, are prohibited to be used.

HARTMANN’s products range comprises rotary code switches, DIP switches, slide switches, tact switches, switches and jacks, LED elements, micro switch, dual push button switches, terminal blocks, PCB connectors, pin header and interface pin blocks.  


ISMET is one of Mecano Phoenix Group’s brands. Platthaus GmbH is among the first companies committed to developing output filter. And its robust high-quality products meet market demands.

ISMET transformers were introduced to Chinese market by Phoenix Mecano Components (Taicang) Co., Ltd., set up on 18th January, 2013.

ISMET’ products range comprises: transformers, chokes, sine filters, du/dt filters, water cooling and feed units

Its products are widely used in many fields, such as drive technology, renewable energy and ocean engineering.

Thanks to the cooperation between ISMET’ R&D department and RWTH Aachen in German (Institute of electric power and electric drive), ISMET have obtained advanced production technology.

And ISMET further promotes the development of conversion technology, which has been applied. In addition to manufacturing of large quantities of standardized products, ISMET also offers individual, customer-specific solutions.